Foxie claims Team heretics owes him money
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Team Heretics recently debunked a claim by former Valorant player Tyler “Foxie” Lowton that the organization owes him money.

Although Team Heretics, which has been in the news after purchasing League of Legends team Misfits Gaming spot in the LEC, strongly denies these claims.

The UK esports professional claimed that upon his termination, Team Heretics declined to pay him the fee agreed upon in his contract.

Foxie was signed on December 23, 2021, and was released from his contract in January. However, the 23-year old alleged that the organization was yet to give him his wages for the time he was a part of the team and the two months’ salary to be paid when his contract was terminated.

The player also claimed that in order to avoid paying him the full fee warranted by his termination, Team Heretics sold him to Team Oueso for a small fee.

Foxie, sensing an alleged ruse, contested the transfer and claimed that the team attempted to evade the payout.

Arnau Vidal, the co-owner of Team Heretics, reportedly confirmed the deal, however, rebuffed Foxie’s claims that the team refused to fulfil the contract agreement made with him.

According to Vidal, they had already started talking to Foxie’s agent about taking the player out of Team Heretics’ Valorant lineup. The discussion ended with an agreement that a certain amount of money would exchange hands for the player to be released.

The former Team Heretics player further revealed that a significant reason the agreed-upon amount was not paid was because of two tweets he made that breached the agreement. Foxie previously made a farewell TwiLonger and tagged the Heretics Valorant roster he was a part of, which the franchise said was unreleased.

While the player defended his actions, claiming that the roster was previously “announced by numerous outlets,” Team Heretics claimed it was yet to be officially announced, and leaking the roster damaged the organization.

Vidal revealed that while the leaks from other unofficial sources were considered speculation, a former player posting the roster held more weight because he had inside knowledge of the team. The co-founder explained, “Foxie breached the terms of his contract by publicly disclosing confidential information against [Team Heretics’] benefit.”

Foxie’s second tweet, which also breached the contract, was a list he made in which he placed European Valorant teams into tiers. Team Heretics was the only team placed at the bottom level, which was named “Al0rante and friends” and located after the “Mid tbh” and “Goodnight” tiers, which were both empty.

After the tweet, the player reportedly received a letter from the organization’s lawyer claiming that the list conveyed a “derogatory and defamatory opinion” towards the team. Foxie went ahead to repost the tier list along with the letter. He was also informed that the team would not pay the agreed sum due to the “damaging content.”

Vidal went on to say that Team Heretics had to make a stand against Foxie’s breaches of his contract and pointed out other players who had not made claims against the outfit.

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