Valorant Masters Madrid 2024
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In the opening match of the VALORANT Champions Tour Masters Madrid event, reigning EMEA champion Karmine Corp clashed with the underdogs, FunPlus Phoenix (FPX), in a fierce battle that saw Karmine Corp emerge victorious with a clean 2-0 (13-8, 13-10) sweep during the Swiss stage.

The showdown commenced with a convincing display from Karmine Corp on Icebox, where they exhibited dominance, only briefly slowed down by FunPlus Phoenix, ultimately securing a 13-8 victory.

Despite FPX putting up a fight on Lotus and establishing a commanding lead, Karmine Corp rallied back in the second half to clinch the map 13-10.

Following their triumph, Karmine Corp advanced to face one of the three other victorious teams, positioning themselves for a favourable playoff seed.

Meanwhile, FunPlus Phoenix will aim to stave off elimination against one of the other defeated teams.

The second match of the day at VCT Masters Madrid saw Gen.G display their dominance in a thrilling 2-1 (13-11, 8-13, 13-5) victory over former champions LOUD, positioning themselves just one win away from securing a top-four finish in their debut Masters event.

LOUD, on the other hand, now face the challenge of avoiding elimination to stay in the tournament.

The series commenced with LOUD’s pick of Icebox, where they initially gained the upper hand with a 4-0 lead.

However, Gen.G fought back, ultimately securing a hard-fought 13-11 win, with standout performances from Kim “t3xture” Na-ra and Kim “Karon” Won-tae pivotal to their success.

Moving on to Breeze, Gen.G faced initial resistance from LOUD but managed to rally, led by Karon’s crucial contributions and a standout performance from Gabriel “Quick” Lima.

Despite Gen.G’s efforts, LOUD clinched a 13-8 victory to tie the series.

The decider map, Ascent, witnessed Gen.G’s dominance as they overwhelmed LOUD, particularly with a standout performance from rookie Karon, who exhibited remarkable prowess with a 20-5 Kill/Death difference (KD), a 2.01 rating, and 413 Average Combat Score (ACS).

Gen.G sealed the victory with a convincing 13-5 win, showcasing their confidence and skill.

Friday’s VCT Masters Madrid matches

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