Budding new eSports game Heavy Metal Machines has emerged as a potential giant, with over 68,000 players already playing. The relatively new eSports title is free-to-play and promises as fun as anyone can imagine. Traffic has already been drawn to the game as it brings back fun memories of games that were available on Super Nintendo and Sega. The fast-paced nature of the Heavy Metal Machines eSports title is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout.Our guide to HMM esports and Heavy Metal Machines betting will teach you everything you need to know to enjoy this budding game.

Heavy Metal Machines

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Heavy Metal Machines Gameplay

Heavy Metal Machines has a very straight-forward gameplay and mission. The ultimate goal is to carry a bomb over to your enemy’s territory, which is referred to as scoring a goal. To win the game, you have to be the first to deliver three bombs to your opponent’s camp.

As easy as this might sound, scoring one goal does not come easy. First, players need to choose their vehicle with which they would use to make the trip. There are various vehicles to choose from, all of which have different features.

Heavy Metal Machines esports betting

There is only one bomb available, and all the available players in the game will look to get hold of that ball and make a score. Piece of advice, going fast is not always the best choice when you have the bomb. Getting the bomb attached to your vehicle is just one task, the main play is centered around navigating the obstacles of the course and avoiding being run over by other players in the game.

Characters have unique roles, giving each vehicle a different set of abilities based on the role.

The roles each character can have in HMM esports are:

  • Transporter
  • Supporter
  • Interceptor

The Transporters are special characters that are skilled in navigating the course efficiently. They have speed, resilience, and agility, all of which are needed for the effective transportation of the bomb.

As with most things are, flying solo will make the task a tad difficult. That is why these characters were created. The Supporters protect and repair friendly vehicles as the game progresses. Their special feature is to prevent the enemy from causing significant damage, or worse, knock you off the course.

The Interceptors are the mean guys. These characters are built to cause maximum damage and comfortably muscle opponents off course. The main goal of the Interceptor is to make sure the Transporters do not succeed in their mission.

Heavy Metal Machines eSports Leagues

What is an eSports game without tournaments? Heavy Metal Machines has two major leagues that are open to players online. Both leagues have different features but ultimately reward players for their valiant efforts.

  • The Metal League

    Teams that have subscribed will be able to take part in this in-game tournament. Teams’ score ranking is what this tournament is based on, and offers a €5,000 prize pool. The tournament will have two phases; the Qualifiers and the Playoffs.

    The Metal League will follow the Metal Pass’ season, which means that players will only be able to compete weekly – every Saturday. You can also get upgrades and make in-game purchases through the Metal Pass reward segment.

    For the Qualifiers, teams will play every Saturday for six weeks. At the end of the period, the top eight teams will advance to the Playoffs for a chance to win a piece of the prize pool.

    The Playoffs phase will host the highest-scoring eight teams from the Qualifiers, pitting them against each other in a best of three match. It will follow a single-elimination format as teams compete in the two maps available. The top four-placed teams will have a share of the €5,000 prize pool. The winner will take home €2,000, while the runners-up will be rewarded with €1,500, €1,000, and €500 respectively.

  • The University League

    The University League was formed to allow students and teachers to show their skills in the car-combat eSports title. The first edition took place in Brazil’s Florianópolis. After the regular season, the top-placed teams will advance to the Elite Division, while the others will be able to continue competing in the Access Division.

    All teams that made it to the Elite Division received monthly scholarships and other goodies. The winner, however, was treated to an all-expense-paid trip to visit the HMM development studio in Florianópolis.

Heavy Metal Machines Competition Dates

The ongoing competition in Heavy Metal Machines is Colosseum: Battle for Prestige! The competition will be held every Sunday within the game.

The main seller of eSports titles is its uniqueness. As long as a developer presents a different idea and can execute it perfectly, there is a great chance that the title will do well. Heavy Metal Machines is one of those games that have a completely different feel to it. It can comfortably challenge mainstream eSports in years to come.

Although the game has a lot of potential, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done to see this title featured globally in the eSports industry. One area that needs improvement is the number of competitions available and rewards. The competitions available are just a handful and do not accommodate players from different locations.

Also, the issue of only two maps needs to be addressed. Those maps can be as exciting as the five maps from mainstream eSports titles. But, there is a high chance of getting too used to it after consistently playing the game. The developers will have to figure out a way to continue spicing things up.

Heavy Metal Machines

History of HMM

Heavy Metal Machines was developed by Hoplon Infotainment, a Brazilian company looking to try its hands at gaming. Development of the game started as far back as 2013, but the company was only able to launch in September 2018.

For a while, Heavy Metal Machines was only available for players online via Steam. However, 2020 marked the introduction of the title to consoles – Xbox and PS4. The majority of the marketing and focus has been on South America, specifically Brazil. Regardless, the company is looking to break into the European esports market sometime soon.

Heavy Metal Machines has all the features of an amazing eSports title. It is fast-paced, highly competitive, and fun. That said, the developers have to make a few changes if this is to become a world-class eSports title.

How to bet on Heavy Metal Machines esports

Heavy Metal Machines has spawned a growing esports scene surrounding it, but there is not yet any betting available on the tournaments. Generally it will take an esports game significant growth, including a big Twitch audience, before esports betting sites will begin pricing tournaments.

ESB will keep a close eye on the situation surrounding HMM esports betting and we will update this page if or when online wagering becomes available on this car racing game.