Best PS5 Esports Games 2024

The PS5 has launched and we could not be any more excited. With the PS5 games landscape becoming much clearer, we thought we would take a look at the best Playstation 5 esports titles. Just to be clear, to make our top PS5 esports games list, the title must either have an existing esports industry or have the potential to spawn one.

Best PS5 Esports Games available in 2024

Call of Duty Warzone

COD Warzone

It wouldn’t be a surprise for many when the new Call of Duty Warzone is seen in action at the launch of the PS5. The new games are expected to be available on PS5 for all players after it has been launched.

This particular version of the game was released recently and is considered to be part of the Modern Warfare game of Call of Duty. The game is top-rated among video game enthusiasts and will be consolidated to Black Ops Cold War, which is also new.

COD Warzone will be readily available on PlayStation 5, so one can download it and start playing once you have acquired the new console.

COD Warzone will be running at a smooth and consistent 60FPS on PlayStation 5. A wide range of methods has been used to test this PS5 esport game’s FPS.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends

Apex legends are expected to run at 1440p on the new PlayStation 5, with more upgrades following up. EA Sports confirmed through Polygon how they would use backward compatibility for most of their games on PS5, including Apex Legends. The video game is one of the most famous battle royale games and will have a significant performance boost at its launch. What seems odd about this game is that it will be running at a resolution that PlayStation 5 doesn’t initially support. Nonetheless, with the expected upgrades, the game will run in resolutions that aren’t supported by the system.

The game will be available for download on PlayStation 5, just like in the current version. The team working on the game has been expanded to produce future content filled with lots of fun experiences.

These experiences will be delivered in the upcoming versions of the game on PS5. Apex Legends is expected to land on PS5 during its release and comes with cross-play with the new developments. This version of the game is rumored to contain new maps compared to previous versions, and the launch on PS5 will perfect opportunity to try them out.

NBA 2K21

NBA 2K23

The NBA 2K23 was released a while ago, and it has been amazing so far. However, the next-gen version of the game will now be available with the launch of PS5. 2K launched a brand new game that is much different from all the others for the next-gen. The game has excellent improvements and upgrades in all aspects in comparison with the previous versions. There are many next-gen gameplay features of the game on PS5 and the unique Mamba Forever Edition for free. Its controls are entirely immersive, and there are new additions on the layers for passing, shooting, and dribbling. Additional signature animations and physics are also a huge plus.

Other notable features available on the PS5 version of the game include the new impact engine and game modes. 2K has added a great physics engine for collisions, which impacts how the game’s rim play. There are also many upgrades and expansions on the game modes to include new facilities, affiliations, and a whole new city for exploration. Some modes of the game have been completely revamped in PS5 to create new systems and additional badges. The NBA 2K21 is a game that you can’t miss on the new PS5.



Fortnite lovers will have something to smile about with the launch of the new PS5 as they will get to play their favorite game immediately on this latest version of PlayStation. Several additions will be exclusive only to the PS5 version of the game. One of these additions is the tournament play that comes after a recent update from Epic. The gaming experience of Fortnite on PlayStation will be one to cherish courtesy of the 4k resolution that will be running at a smooth and consistent 60 FPS. Its visuals and physics will also be much more dynamic to offer a more interactive gaming experience. For instance, the grass and trees will respond to explosions, and there will be more other effects on PS5.

PlayStation 5 will also give Fortnite a new sense controller immersion with dual abilities. The integration of the haptic trigger response on all ranged weapons will provide gamers with the best experience of their lives. The most fantastic thing about Fortnite on PS5 will be gamers’ ability to choose their favorite game mode from the home screen of their PS5. The game supports most of PS5’s activities, including being able to go directly to Battle Royale Lobby.

Rocket League

Rocket League

This is another game that should be on the new PlayStation 5. However, Rocket League developer has noted that the 120FPS required for games to run on PS5 is harder to reach. This is why there are many games with a higher frame rate on this new console. The developer also noted that the process of enabling 120FPS has proved to be a bit complicated. This is due to the requirement of a fully native port to implement the backward compatibility. Therefore, the Rocket League on PS5 will not be able to support 120FPS.

The 120FPS support shouldn’t be an issue for Rocket League on PS5 in the long run since the developers can build a native Rocket League game for PS5. PlayStation 5 can still run the game just like it did on PlayStation 4. However, with upgrades, PS5 will run the game at significantly higher frame rates than the

current 60. It is assumed that Rocket League will have to be ported up a generation and integrated with tweaked graphics that can be compatible with the new generation. Then the addition of the cross-platform should give gamers a memorable experience.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Spider-Man: Miles Morales

This latest Spider-man title is probably the most awaited game to be played on the PS5. The newest title features perfectly-scripted action modes that include the fantastic Spider-Man on his suits and other exciting features. Its fluid gameplay and ray tracing features make it one of the most impressive games to be launched on PlayStation 5. The game is an evolution of its version on PS4, and the next-gen hardware on PS5 will benefit the game more.

The latest title comes with a different origin story, Spider-Man with new powers, which will attract a new generation of fans. The game has an excellent message to the Black and Latino communities with Miles Morales as a black and Latino. The other characters also come from diverse backgrounds. The view of a superhero in a top studio video game being black brings along some significant wins and celebrations. This Spider-Man will put across a powerful message to all youths of Black and Latino communities. This title of Spider-Man will be a fantastic launch for PlayStation 5.

TLOA Remastered

The Last of Us Remastered

This video game is considered an edge on video game storytelling courtesy of Sony and Naughty Dog. It is also among the greatest video games that one cannot afford to miss playing on the new PS5. The game now features a next-gen upgrade on its performance to match with the PS5 requirements. Most gamers will find themselves wanting to play this game first before even playing its previous version. The game has a renewed life like many other games that will be on the PS5. The game’s next-gen patches have been released to enhance their performance and include features such as a smooth and consistent 60 FPS. In some other instances, the game’s textures will be upscaled to improve the already stellar game’s fidelity.

The game’s storyline has been well scripted to follow Joel’s events as he looks for a cure for a virus. The possibilities are thrilling and filled with close action with zombies making the game lighten and prepare for a terrific ending. This game should feature on the new PS5 since many people can relate to its events in one way or another, and the gameplay is just out of this world.

The games mentioned above will have the opportunity to utilize the hardware power qualities on the new PS5 fully. This will help deliver suitable frames and much better resolutions. Additionally, the games can make fair use of the haptic and triggers on the next-gen dual sense controller. Therefore, these games should be a perfect fit for an exciting gaming experience on the new PlayStation 5.

Will the PS5 be the new esports platform?

Over the years, Sony has redefined next-gen gaming by introducing some impressive features. The inclusion of a super-fast UI, 4k blu ray playback, impressive haptic feedback, and immersive 3D audio has been received greatly from all quarters.

Interestingly, before the PS5 launch in November, pre-stocks sold out within days. As the PS5 craze continues, a few issues have been raised. For instance, the 825 GB SSD will fill up quickly. Additionally, Dolby Vision is not supported. Nonetheless, this revolutionary gaming console is way ahead of its time and worth every penny. Below are some of the games that are expected to take center stage.