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The VALORANT Champions Tour Masters Shanghai 2024 kicked off with a bang as the world’s top 12 teams collided in an electrifying display of skill and strategy.

The tournament began with a much-anticipated clash between G2 Esports and T1, a rivalry that extends across multiple esports titles.

G2 emerged victorious with a 2-1 win, setting the stage for an intense competition.

The opening match took place on Breeze, where rounds were fiercely contested.

T1 initially showcased their prowess, taking the lead on what is considered their best map.

However, G2 Esports turned the tide after the side switch, dominating the sandy shores and securing the first map of the tournament.

T1 struck back on Icebox, delivering a near-perfect performance.

Their aggressive playstyle earned them 11 rounds on attack, while G2 could only manage one.

T1 continued their momentum on defence, quickly wrapping up the map with a 13-1 victory, levelling the series.

The decisive third game on Lotus was a spectacle of high-stakes VALORANT.

The teams traded rounds until they reached overtime, tied at 12-12.

G2 then demonstrated their resilience, winning the next two rounds decisively to clinch the match.

Another highlight of the day was FunPlus Phoenix’s (FPX) dramatic win over FUT Esports.

This series, which extended to three maps, showcased the strategic depth and resilience of FPX, marking their first international triumph.

The match began on Sunset, FUT’s chosen map, where they initially led.

However, FPX quickly adapted, ending the first half with a commanding 9-3 lead and eventually winning 13-7.

On Lotus, FPX’s pick, FUT fought back, closing the first half 8-4.

FPX, led by standout performances from Chang “BerLIN” Po-lin and Qu “Life” Donghao, launched a strong comeback, though FUT ultimately won 14-12 in overtime.

The decider map, Icebox, saw FUT take an early lead with an 8-4 first half.

Yet, FPX staged a remarkable turnaround, winning nine consecutive rounds to secure a 13-10 victory and a 2-1 series win.

This victory not only highlighted their potential as strong contenders but also set the tone for their campaign in Shanghai.

With the Swiss stage format, both G2 and FPX have taken crucial first steps towards the playoffs.

T1 and FUT Esports, despite their losses, still have opportunities to advance.

The Swiss stage leads to a do-or-die double-elimination bracket, ensuring that every match is critical.

FPX’s coach, Deng “NaThanD” Senqiao, emphasized the team’s readiness to adapt and counter their opponents’ strategies, showcasing their confidence and strategic flexibility.

FUT Esports, under coach GAIS, remains focused on growth and the bigger picture, aiming for qualification for VALORANT Champions.

VCT Masters Shanghai continues on Friday with two more matches set to take place.

Friday’s VCT Masters Shanghai series

  • Gen.G (-188.68) vs Leviatan (+137) @ 4pm CST
  • Team Heretics (-1000) vs Dragon Ranger Gaming (+550) @ 7pm CST

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