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In a heated showdown at the Wuliangye Chengdu Performing Arts Centre, FaZe Clan emerged victorious as the IEM Chengdu 2024 champions, adding another accolade to their impressive streak.

Their triumph was particularly sweet as they conquered their rivals, MOUZ, in a decisive 2-0 (13-10, 13-6) victory on Overpass and Nuke.

The series commenced on MOUZ’s map pick, Overpass, where FaZe Clan showcased their defensive prowess, stifling their opponent’s advances and allowing only four rounds to slip through their grasp.

Despite MOUZ’s efforts to rally, FaZe Clan maintained their dominance and secured a critical win, taking a commanding lead in the series.

Moving on to Nuke, FaZe Clan continued to assert their dominance, swiftly establishing an early lead on the T-side and effectively shutting down MOUZ’s resistance.

With flawless coordination and individual brilliance, FaZe Clan sealed the deal with a convincing victory, clinching the series 2-0 and claiming their fourth Counter-Strike 2 title.

Helvijs ‘broky’ Saukants, FaZe Clan’s exceptional AWPer, was rightfully hailed as the MVP of the event, showcasing his prowess and contributing significantly to his team’s success throughout the tournament.

As FaZe Clan basks in their hard-earned victory, they have little time to rest, with ESL Pro League looming on the horizon.

Meanwhile, MOUZ and other contenders will be eager to seek redemption in the upcoming tournament, hoping to dethrone the reigning champions and carve their path to glory.

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