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Eternal Fire has made the decision to sever ties with two of their academy members, Ahmet “cyber” Akpınar and Bilgihan “Depact” Ayaz, following their receipt of two-year bans from FACEIT on Monday.

The bans were issued after cyber and Depact were found exploiting a recently-publicized bug in Counter-Strike 2, which allows cheat-protected commands to be activated through the console on public servers.

These commands enable players to manipulate their game environment, including seeing opponents through walls by making textures transparent.

Following the bug’s notoriety on Sunday, FACEIT promptly announced that they were aware of the issue and were exploring methods to patch it on their end.

They also stated that appropriate actions would be taken against those exploiting the bug.

Subsequently, FACEIT’s anti-cheat team identified users who utilized the exploit and began issuing bans, with cyber and Depact among those receiving two-year bans for exploiting the bug during a FACEIT match.

In response, Eternal Fire terminated the contracts of cyber and Depact, citing their unprofessional behaviour and stating their commitment to distancing themselves from any actions that negatively impact the game, such as cheating.

The bans and subsequent actions by Eternal Fire have sparked discussions within the CS2 community regarding the severity of the punishment.

While some argue that the bans could potentially derail the young players’ careers, others maintain that FACEIT’s rules and punishments have always been clear.

Though the bans restrict cyber and Depact from participating in matches on one of CS2’s premier matchmaking platforms, they do not explicitly prohibit them from pursuing professional careers.

However, it is likely that the bans will have significant ramifications for their future prospects in the competitive scene.

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