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The Call of Duty community is once again in uproar as news breaks that Major IV, originally slated to be hosted by the Carolina Royal Ravens in Charlotte, North Carolina, will now be held behind closed doors in Burbank, California.

This decision, confirmed by the Call of Duty League (CDL), has left fans disappointed and clamouring for change.

While the Carolina Royal Ravens cited “a range of factors” for the change, speculation about financial constraints has fuelled much of the discussion.

This move echoes a similar decision in April 2023, when Major IV took place in Columbus, Ohio, devoid of a live audience, following the LA Thieves’ victory.

The CDL, in a bid to appease fans, assured that Major IV would maintain LAN status but without spectators.

However, this decision has drawn criticism as CDL Majors are traditionally celebrated with live audiences.

This latest development has reignited calls for reform within the Call of Duty League.

Some advocate for a return to the structure of the COD World League, abandoning the franchised model in favour of a more inclusive qualification system, allowing teams from across the globe to compete on a grand stage.

The CDL’s reputation has faced growing strain as viewership concerns mount, lawsuits against Activision arise, and sentiment towards the league fluctuates.

Layoffs within Activision Blizzard’s esports divisions and financial struggles among some organizations have only compounded these issues.

Notably, this isn’t the first time a Major has been held without an audience, exacerbating concerns among long-time fans.

The disappointment is palpable, especially considering the anticipation surrounding events like Major IV.

Carolina Royal Ravens, in their inaugural season in the CDL after relocating from London, find themselves at the centre of this controversy.

Currently sitting in eighth place in the standings, the team’s decision not to host Major IV adds another layer of complexity to an already tumultuous season.

Despite efforts to maintain the integrity of the competition, the decision to hold Major IV behind closed doors has left many CDL fans disillusioned, reigniting the debate over the future direction of the league.

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